How Do I Choose the Best OBGYN for My Pregnancy? 

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Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in your life. It can also be a little overwhelming. From deciding on a birth plan to choosing a doctor, there are many decisions you might have to make. One of the most important is choosing an obstetrician But, how do you choose an OBGYN? We've collected some advice to help you. 

What is an obstetrician?

An obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and the female reproductive system. This includes labor, birth, pre-delivery and post-partum care. Many women’s care providers will be OBGYNs, meaning they have specialized training for gynecology and obstetrics. This can include a wide range of conditions like pregnancy, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, cervical and uterine cancers, annual exams and more.  

When choosing a doctor, be sure to check their board certifications. Being board-certified means a doctor has specific training and been approved by an organization for certification. Because board-certification must be maintained, this also means the physician will have the latest medical knowledge and experience.  

How to choose an OBGYN?

Choosing a doctor to deliver your baby is a personal decision. There is no perfect formula for selecting your OBGYN. However, there are some things you might consider before making a choice 

Review your insurance options

When choosing a doctor, it’s important to understand their relationship with your insurance plan if you have one. If you would like to stay within your network, you’ll need to talk with your insurance carrier or look up a provider list to narrow down your options.  

Find referrals 

Referrals can come from a variety of sources. For example, you might speak with your primary care doctor to see who they recommend. Friends and family can also be a great source when looking for a doctor. Talk to the people in your life whom you trust to make honest recommendations and provide feedback. Finding someone you trust is key. In addition, online reviews can be helpful to look through before you decideSites like HealthGrades, Vitals and Google can help you look through patient reviews.  

Research expertise

Finding an obstetrician who has the expertise you need is important. For example, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, it will be important to know if your OBGYN has experience caring for women with high-risk pregnancies and conditions like gestational diabetes. Most OBGYNs will likely be equipped to care for a full spectrum of pre-natal, delivery and post-partum care.  

Choose the right hospital for you

When choosing where to deliver your baby, think about what you would like. Are there certain amenities or services that you prefer? How far away is your preferred hospital? Thinking through these questions can help you determine the best hospital for your delivery.  

Find a provider you trust

With any doctor, it’s important for you to like and trust them with your healthcare. This is especially true of obstetricians. The health and safety of you and your baby are paramount, and your obstetrician should help you feel comfortable and safe for your delivery and care.   

Finding an OBGYN really is a personal decision. How and who you choose as an OBGYN will depend on your health history, insurance, preferences and more. At Advanced Women’s Care we believe in personalized, compassionate care. Our board-certified physicians provide a full spectrum of obstetric services, including high-risk pregnancy, delivery, post-partum care and more.  

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